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Pathways is a part of the Ministry of Education’s Student Success Initiative, which is transforming our system. The goal of Pathways is to prepare students for the future. It is important for students to find success and joy in their learning throughout high school and beyond. Pathways assists students in planning and pursuing a post-secondary destination that relates to their interests, skills and abilities.



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Horticulture Student
  • Hospitality & Tourism

    Hospitality & Tourism

    The five tourism industries in Canada include opportunities in hospitality and tourism, accommodation, food and beverage services, recreation and travel services. Tourism in Ontario is a dynamic, growing sector. Prospects for satisfying employment and career advancement in the hospitality industry have never been better, locally and world-wide.

  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics

    Engineering, Manufacturing & Robotics

    “I got my Working at Heights…Lock Out. Tag Out…First Aid; that allowed me to go right into the workplace and already have certifications that others who have been working for years don’t even have. It really opens up the door in high school to what the industry is actually like.”

    Manug Mau, 16

    CNC Operator

  • Construction


    The Construction Industry is diverse and offers the opportunity to participate in all kinds of projects such as office buildings, schools, roads, hospitals and houses. Large or small, these projects are designed, managed and built by people with the ingenuity, skill and education to create the buildings of tomorrow.

  • Transportation


    “I got into the industry when I was still in high school. It’s been an amazing experience. Through the SHSM program I was able to get a little bit more knowledge before I went into the industry. It was intertwined in my schedule; I didn’t have to worry about an extra course. It was already something I wanted to do.”

    Patrick Moorey. 17

    AutoBody Painter

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